Proper exterior care of your building and facility not only furnishes aesthetic attractiveness that builds good will and improved imagery; it can also supply meaningful savings. The unique beauty of your building deserves nothing less than a contractor who specializes in restoration.

Quality Masonry Company (QMC), through the years, has handled many exterior maintenance projects on high profile, historic, security sensitive structures, and it is through the satisfaction of our customers that we receive our best advertising. The depth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry enables us to get things accomplished in such a way that the client is able to understand the construction process.

Since its founding in 1968, QMC has developed a reputation for not only strong team work ethic, but also its ability to complete highly technical and complex projects. With a quality staff of Associates, QMC has brought out the real beauty in historic buildings. William Bowers and Bret Bowers have been Operators of QMC since 1974. Our current staff, of over 40, are thoroughly knowledgeable in the techniques of building renovation, including water and chemical cleaning, tuckpointing, waterproofing, painting, caulking and steeple work.

QMC brings a thorough knowledge of the U.S. Department of Interior guidelines. Our skilled trades people have years of experience in the field and QMC has established itself as a leader in professional renovation, masonry restoration and preservation of historic landmarks. We have the expertise to help you determine the best course of action for your project, then see that the project is completed in a timely manner and meets high standards for quality.

Exterior and interior restoration of historic buildings requires a specialty expertise and a special sensitivity to the structural and design needs of the building. These are qualities that QMC have brought to each of its projects.
QMC’s services have been utilized for the restoration, preservation and rehabilitation of many historic, commercial and institutional buildings throughout Ohio.

We believe that the real difference in Quality Masonry Company, Inc. is not what we do – but how we do it! We have a reputation for being open and honest in our project management. We value our integrity – and your trust – as much as the quality of our work.
We will be happy to discuss our “history” with you and show you the quality of work we’ve completed for other clients. We have quite a story to tell and the references prove it. We have a commitment to making the experience of working with Quality Masonry Company, Inc., as rewarding as the end result.


Quality is never an accident but the results of good intentions, sincere effort and skillful execution.